Make your own GoPro Holster

GoPro Holster

There are hundreds of mounts for your GoPro, this is one of the reasons why the GoPro is one of the most versatile cameras in the world. But, did you know that by combining some of these mounts and accessories together you can make your camera even more versatile?


In this post I will be showing you how to create your own GoPro Holster using a Chesty and Pole or Handle. But so what… what is the GoPro Holster something you need?


This simple trick can make filming with your GoPro significantly easier, allowing you to utilize both the Chesty and a Pole or Handle without the need to undo and redo thumb screws which can be time consuming and awkward, especially when you are in water or are wearing gloves.


For example, say you are snowboarding and you are filming your self using an extension pole. You then decide you would like to capture some footage from your point of view. Using this trick you can simply clip your Camera and pole directly on to your chesty – without any need to remove your gloves!


Or say you are off snorkelling and have your camera attached to a floating handle. When you are done filming you could try to awkwardly stuff your camera down your swim suit or you securely attach it to your chesty keeping your hands free and you pants unstuffed.


To create this mount you will need:

  1. Backdoor mount
  2. GoPro
  3. Water proof housing
  4. Chesty
  5. 2 x Long Thumb Screws
  6. Mounting Buckle
  7. Pole or handle


What you need for GoPro Holster
















1. Put your GoPro in to the GoPro housing, then remove the standard back door and connect the backdoor mount.

gopro holster step-1


2.Attach the mounting buckle to the back door mount using one of the long thumb screws

gopro holster step-2


3.Attach your Pole or Handle to the GoPro housing using a long thumb screw

gopro holster step-3


4.Insert the buckle mount in to the chesty


gopro holster step-4


And there you go you have just turned several GoPro accessories in to one, easy-to-use mega accessory. With this accessory you can now be ready in a moment’s notice to capture anything your adventures throw at you.

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