Getting Great GoPro Footage while Playing Golf.


When I first started taking my GoPro on to the golf course I began to notice a trend: the better footage I got, the worse I seemed to play. And the days that I didn’t bring my camera were the days I made once in a year 30 foot putts or perfect chips into the hole.

Golf is a game that requires concentration. Trying to think about where to put your camera and which setting it should be on can be huge distraction to your game. Luckily there is a simple way to record your game with almost no distraction


The set and forget method

One of the most underused features of the GoPro is the looping function.  The looping function allows you to record continuously but only save the sections of footage you want to.

The benefit of this function is that you can capture your entire game. If you hit a noteworthy shot, you can then hit the record button and your GoPro will save the last 5 minutes. So in essence, with this function means you can decide after your shot if you want to save it or not. The loop function is available on most GoPro models, but unfortunately is not available on the GoPro Hero, the Original Session and models released prior to Hero 3.


Set your GoPro up for the set and forget method.

  1. Go in to your GoPro settings and select the loop function. I suggest picking 5 minutes for your loop period as this gives you enough time to set up your swing, take your shot and then decide if you want the footage
  2. Pick your quality settings. Your quality settings will depend on which GoPro you are using. As your camera maybe far away from you and the hole you will want to use the highest resolution possible so that you can crop the footage later. However, you also want to be able to slow your footage in editing to both analyse your shot and see where the ball is going. Therefore it is a good idea to find a happy medium between quality and frame rate. For a Hero 5 this would be 2.7k and 60fps, for earlier cameras it will be 1440p at 48fps.
  3. The downside to using the loop function is that it will drain your battery. So if you are wanting to a keep your camera running for an entire 18, or even 9 holes, you are going to need an external power source. In order to do this I suggest putting your camera in to either the Frame or Skeleton housing. This will allow you to mount your GoPro while still having access to your GoPro’s USB port. Once in the frame or housing, connect the GoPro to an external battery pack with a USB cord.
  4. Attach your camera to your golf bag. You can also attach your camera to your cart or buggy.  However, I find the bag is the most convenient as you will always go back to your bag between shots. I have found the best accessories to mount your camera during a golf game is the GoPro jaw mount. This attaches easily to almost any golf bag and once attached it allows you to change the direction of the camera without unscrewing a thing.
  5. These settings should make filming your game dead simple. When you pick your club adjust the camera to point towards the ball or between the ball and hole. If you hit a shot you feel was worth recording hit the top button on your camera when you return your club to your bag.


Once you get this rig set up it doesn’t require any major thought. Simply play your game and remember to hit record after that epic shot! For more great tips on using a GoPro to capture Golf check out 7 Ways to Capture Incredible Golf Footage with your GoPro and Best GoPro Mounts for Golf.


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