The First Four GoPro Accessories you Should Buy



Big Pile of GoPro Accessories and Mounts


The first four GoPro accessories you should buy


If you have just bought your first GoPro it can be overwhelming to figure out which of the hundreds of GoPro accessories you need. It is very easy to get carried away and spend hundreds of dollars on dozens of accessories that you will rarely use.


Like tools in a tool box every GoPro accessory has a specific purpose and function. And also like are a tool box there are some tools that get used a lot more often than others.


If you are on a budget or are just looking to get set up with the minimum amount of accessories. The following four accessories will ensure you are well equipped for capturing whatever life throws at you.



Memory Card


By default this has to be the number one accessories you need. As GoPro Cameras do not come with any internal memory, without a memory card all you have is an expensive box with some flashing lights


SanDisk GoPro Memory Card


When purchasing memory card remember to check the guidelines on GoPro’s Website. All GoPro’s require at least a Class 10 Micro SD Card any slower then this and your camera will freeze. Also consider the Memory capacity when purchasing a card, if you are intending on recording in 4K or 2.7K I highly recommend a 32GB card at least.









Spare batteries


Perhaps the GoPro’s Achilles heel’s is its battery life. Shooting with 4K, using WiFi or using a backscreen can chew threw you battery very quickly. For most activities the hour to hour and half battery time you get is just not long enough.

GoPro Battery Hero 5


There are number of great aftermarket batteries which tend to be cheaper than the GoPro branded ones. Some aftermarket brands such as Wasabi batteries will also keep your camera charged for longer




GoPro 3-Way Mount


I could spend a series of blog posts outlining the pros and cons of the hundreds of GoPro poles on the market. They all have various strengths and weaknesses. However as this post is about how to capture great GoPro footage with the minimum amount accessories the GoPro 3-Way Mount offers the best bang for the buck.


GoPro 3-Way Mount Hero5


The 3-Way mount is not just a pole it also can be used as a handle or a tripod, this really does make it Swiss army knife of GoPro accessors.


Even without the extra benefits of the Handle and the Tripod the 3-way mount is still one of the best poles on the market. The unique tri-folding design means it can be used to take excellent selfie shots without the pole being visible in the frame. This sets it apart from all the other poles on the market






Every GoPro user needs a way to shoot footage from their perspective. This is one of the main functions of action cameras like the GoPro capturing great first person footage.


There are dozens of different accessors that can be used to capture the world from a first person point of view. These include head mounts, mouth mounts and wrist mounts these all have their place, however if you can on get one I have found that the Chesty works best for the most activities.


GoPrp Chesty with a Hero5


The Chesty has adjustable elastic straps which go around your body. This makes it one of the most secure body mounted accessories on the market, I have wore Chestys while jumping in to canyons, falling off Jet Ski and taking massive stacks on mountain bikes, it  chesty has never once come off.


Because the Chesty is so secure it also takes some of the most stable footage out of all the body mounted accessories.


The Chesty is also extremely comfortable so much so it is easy to forget you are wearing it.



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