The 11 Best GoPro Videos of 2016

With GoPro now being around for several years, it can be tempting to believe that there is nothing left to film. We’ve seen countless videos of waves surfed, mountains skied and skydivers taking that exhilarating leap.

But 2016 proves that there are people out there who are continually pushing the boundaries to capture epic GoPro Footage. Below are my pick of the 11 best GoPro videos released in 2016, all have been shot 100% with a GoPro.

If you have missed watching any of these throughout the year. Do yourself a favour and check them out!



11. Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on His Crash and Recovery

This video is a mini documentary showing the life threatening crash of Wingsuit Pilot Jeb Corliss on Table Top Mountain in South Africa. The video then details Jeb’s recovery and first jump after the crash. This video both has an inspiring story and breathtaking wing suit footage.





10. Ocean Ramsey and a Whale Shark

In this video shark biologist Ocean Ramsey records her magical encounter with whale sharks in the Philippines.  This is quite a simple and raw video, but the footage is amazing.



9.Sam the Dog gets sent into Space with a GoPro

In this video “Sam the Dog”, a mascot of a UK primary school, is launched into space on a weather balloon which results in some pretty remarkable footage. Lucky for us, they were able to recover the GoPro and the incredible shots it captured, unfortunately Sam the Dog was not as lucky and is still missing to this day.



9.Freestyle Jet Ski Tricks on a River with Eli Kemnitz

This film is a mini documentary on World Champion freestyle Jet Skier, Eli Kemnitiz. Eli’s story is a fascinating one and the epic jet ski sequence at sunset will take your breath away!


7. GoPro: Follow Me To an Adventure! #FollowMeTo

The Follow Me concept has been around for years now and has, arguably, been used to death by travel bloggers. However, Vlogger Chris Rogers does an amazing job using this concept to take us on journey through 1.5 years of his travels in a short, but exceptionally well edited video.



6. All Night – A NightLapse and Light Painting Video

There are thousands of time-lapse and night-lapse videos across the internet. However, in this video GoPro Athlete Tim Humphreys takes it to a whole new level – this is one that you need to see to believe.


5.Jamie O’brien Lights up the Night at Pipeline

This is another very unique video released by GoPro this year. In this video Pro Surfer Jamie O’brien and friends capture some epic footage of surfing Pipeline at night.  The surfers attach ultra-bright LED lights to their boards and body’s to create a surreal experience.


4.Skiing & Snowboarding South America with Julia Mancuso, Jamie Anderson and Lynsey Dyer in 4K

This is one of several videos GoPro released to promote their HERO 5 Cameras. It is shot documentary style and contains some incredible skiing and snowboarding in an incredible location.


3.Karma On The Road

Another video released by GoPro to promote the Karma and the HERO 5 Cameras. This is a very cute video of a family road trip across the West Coast of the US.  This video shows that you do not need to be an extreme athlete to capture amazing footage with a GoPro.


2.Erupting Volcano Mountain Bike Shred with Kurt Sorge

This video shows mountain bikers taking on some tough mountain trails with incredibly scenery of a volcano behind them. Oh, and did I mention that the volcano is erupting?


1.Dunes – Sand Skiing in Peru

This is one of most unique videos released by GoPro this year. In this video freestyle skiers Jesper and Emma test their skills on the highest sand dunes in the world. This video combines amazing skiing with an absolutely breathtaking location.




So there you have it, my pick for the best videos of 2016! Leave a comment below with your pick for the best video of the year.

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