Best GoPro Mounts for Golf

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When most people think about GoPros they typically visualise more extreme sports: a surfer capturing a flawless drop in or a snow boarder gliding across prefect powder. Rarely do people consider using one on a Golf Course. However a GoPro can be an extremely useful and fun accessory when playing golf.


Not only are GoPros great for recording a fun day out on the course, it’s the unique features of these cameras that mean you can:


  • Record on a continuous loop so that you never miss that once in a lifetime hole in one.
  • Use super slow motion to analysis your swing
  • Use the awesome photo and video quality to capture the beauty of the course
  • Mount you camera almost anywhere allowing you to see your game from new and unique angles

This post is the first in a series of posts that will show you how to best utilize your GoPro to capture your golf game. To start, let’s look at the best GoPro mounts and accessories that can be used for Golf.


Best mounts for golf footage


With quite literally hundreds of GoPro mounts and accessories on the market it can be hard to determine which ones you should buy for your activity. If you are wanting to use a GoPro on a golf course the following mounts are the best to use in this environment.


Flexible jaw


This is a great mount for golf as it can be attached to just about anything. It can also be adjusted quickly and conveniently, as there are no screws to loosen.


On a golf course a flexible jaw mount be used in two main ways. Firstly it can be clipped to something that you take with you on the course such as a golf bag, buggy or cart. This way it is always close by in a convenient location and ready to capture anything.  You can also clip this mount to items on the course that may provide unique angles that are closer to the action, such as a flag, fence or pole.




Tripods are a great asset on the golf course as you can place them just about wherever you want and they can be easily adjusted to ensure you get the best angle for any given shot.


There are two types of tripods that you can use with your GoPro. The first are the specially designed GoPro tripods, with these you can attach the GoPro housing directly to the tripod using the standard GoPro thumb screws. These tripods tend to be small so are great for shots when you want to get close to the ball.


The second option is to connect your GoPro to a standard photography tripod. However, it is important to note that you will need an adaptor to connect your GoPro to a standard photography tripod as they use a ¾ inch screw fitting to connect to conventional cameras.

Tripod GoPro Mount at Golf Driving Range

These types of tripods come in every size and shape imaginable. There is no right or wrong tripod for golf. However, I suggest when purchasing one try to find one that will at least extend to waist height as this will give your footage a nice clean angle of the golfer. This angle is particularly useful if you are using the camera to analysis your swing.

The other consideration when buying a tripod for golf is its size. It is best to try and find one that will fold up neatly in your golf bag.


Head mount


If you want to capture your game from a first person perspective the head mount is the best option.

This mount works great for capturing your swing from a unique angle.


Camera Pole

While it is unlikely you are going to want to hold a pole while you are taking your swing, they are an excellent tool for capturing other golfers.


Poles allow to you to capture other golfers swings from many different angles. Some of these angles include overhead, between the legs or directly above the ball. A pole allows you to get the camera very close to the ball or golfer without the risk of getting a stray ball in the teeth or club in the head.

Poles also allow you to capture some great moving shots, such as sweeping the pole in front of a golfer while they are putting or swinging or using the pole to keep the camera just above the green, chasing the ball as it is putted towards the hole. These types of tracking shots can add some much needed motion to your golfing footage, if you are wanting to compile it into a video.


SportsMan and Handle Bar Bounts (for club mounts) 

A common question I often get is: how can you attach a GoPro camera to a golf club?

The short answer is: there are two ways you can do this. The first, is by using a Handle Bar Mount so that you can attach your GoPro camera to the handle to your golf club. If you want to attach your camera closer to the face of the club you will need to use the SportsMan (Also Known as the rifle Mount) as this is the only mount that allows you to attach a GoPro to the clubs shaft.

GoPro Mounted on a Golf Club


If you do decide to attach your GoPro to a golf club, please USE CAUTION. Golf clubs are not designed for this and therefore there is a high risk of damaging your club. Use at your own discretion!


For more great tips on using a GoPro to capture Golf check out 7 Ways to Capture Incredible Golf Footage with your GoPro and Getting Great GoPro Footage while Playing Golf.



Now that you have your mounts sorted it’s time to start shooting!



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