5 Awesome YouTube Channels that will improve your GoPro skills


Watching YouTube videos is one of the quickest ways for GoPro users to learn and develop their GoPro skills.


There are hundreds of YouTube channels dedicated to GoPro users. These channels range in size and quality, so it is important to know which channels are going to provide you with the best advice.  To save you from hours of watching rubbish, I have listed the 5 best GoPro channels on YouTube below:


GoPro Tutorials





Straight from the source is usually the best place the start, and this case is no different. This is the official Tutorial channel run by GoPro.


These videos are very well produced and as you would expect contain highly accurate, useful information providing you with basic to advance tips and tricks. Some of the best videos on this channel are the GoPro Field Guides where a GoPro “Athlete” will explain how they use their GoPro for their individual sport.

The downside? Being run by GoPro means that their information only pertains to official GoPro accessories, so you may miss out on some pretty cool tips for after-market products.



Kyle Martin Tech “GoPro Tips and Tricks”






Kyle’s channel is perfect if you are looking to make a purchase as his main focus is on product reviews, although he does dabble in editing occasionally. His videos can be a little lacklustre compared to the excitement usually associated with GoPro videos. However, he is highly detailed and very honest in his reviews – he is not afraid to point out a product’s faults or even if they are a complete waste of time.




Mic has one of the most comprehensive collection of GoPro tutorial videos on YouTube. You will find it hard to come up with a question about your GoPro that he hasn’t answered in some way. Most of Mic’s Videos are tips for GoPro users, with a few product reviews thrown in for good measure. Definitely one of the best GoPro related channels on YouTube




VidProMom is a great site for GoPro tutorials focused on editing and product reviews.

This channel focused on beginner GoPro users, as well as those who want to use their GoPro as a typical, family video camera as opposed to an action or sports camera.

Her the tutorials very high quality and easy to follow.






As the name suggests, this unique channel is all about showing viewers different “Do it yourself projects” to create custom GoPro mounts. In addition to these DIY tutorials, this channel also has a decent catalogue of product reviews and general tutorials.

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